Student Leadership Team

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Our Senior Student Prefect Team regularly meets to discuss how it can influence aspects of school life. These students lead the wider prefect team and act as role models and ambassadors for the school. We are currently part of a new initiative across West Lancashire to widen participation in student voice by providing area-wide seminars and leadership training for our students. 

Student voice is extremely important to us and we involve our students in many aspects of school improvement and development. In interviews, for example, they are responsible, alongside the people observing teaching, for shortlisting candidates on the day of their interview. So important are students' views, that they advise governors on who they wish to carry forward to the formal interview stage. Students who are in the lesson observation also give detailed feedback on each candidate. The Head Boy and Girl also sit on the final panel.

The Student Council reports to governors at each Pastoral Committee. They are charged with expressing the views of the student body and the governing body holds the senior staff accountable for improvements which need to be made. Students also update parents in the Link magazine which can be found on this website by clicking the link below.

Within classes, students are often asked to give their views on lessons and learning. They may fill out short questionnaires or make suggestions to teachers on their way out of lessons by dropping their comments in the appropriate feedback boxes. Students also play a part in devising the School Learning Plan by completing questionnaires administered by NfER and Lancashire. These surveys can be found on our website by clicking the link below.

Our Student Leadership Prefect Team

Head Girl: Lucy McDonough
Head Boy: Mathew Johnson

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