This photographic collaboration will involve the participation of schools from Bangladesh, France, Ghana, Holland, Mauritius, UK and US. It is an opportunity to bring our students together in an informal activity involving photography of each of our local heritages. The theme of the photography exhibition will be "Science and Industry" in our local area.

Start Date: Jan 2018
End Date: March 2018


To document examples of science and industry in our respective local areas.

We hope to celebrate the differences and similarities of Science and Industry in our local communities and present the images that we collect in a shared resource. We hope this will help our students look carefully at their own community and at the same time gain an understanding of each others' different heritages in the fields of science and industry.

Themes may include: People, Architecture, Environment, Economics, End products.

Attention should be paid to creating visually interesting and informative images that speak for themselves. It may be an opportunity to organise visits to local industries.



  • Images to be in .jpg, .png or .psd format.
  • Upload either several single photographic images or one .zip file containing all images.
  • Please rename files to include school name and date. 
  • Images can be Colour or B&W.
  • Include a .txt or .docx file to briefly describe the photograph and its subject.
  • Images should be original sizes but no smaller than 1250px in the longest edge.
  • Images can be improved in photoshop or similar.

How to share files

Please use the link below. It will take you to a shared Dropbox folder that you can use to upload any type of document.



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