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The Governing Body of our school comprises of members of the local community, staff at local educational establishments and our own teaching staff. It is an unpaid role, ensuring that policies and desisions are properly checked. Much of the business of the school Governing Body takes place through committees. Governors are also linked to subject areas. The Governing Body meets at least once each term as do the committees.

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The remit for the Governing Body is to:

a) Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
b) Hold the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
c) Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

Governor Information

Type of Governor No.
Headteacher 1
Local Authority 1
Parent 2
Staff 1
Foundation 7
Names of Governors Type of Governor Term of Office Date of appoint-ment

Date of resignation

(if resigned in the last 12 months)

Appointing Body Relationship / Related
Miss Alison Knight Headteacher Duration of appointment 01/09/2016   Ex-Officio No
Mrs Kath Gresty Foundation 4 years 01/04/2018   Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mrs Sue Bickerstaffe Parent 4 years 01/12/2015   Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mr Seamus Brady Foundation 4 years 01/04/2018   Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mr Michael Charman Foundation 4 years 01/03/2018   Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mrs Carmel Foster Foundation 4 years 02/10/2014   Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mr George Fox Foundation 4 years 01/12/2008   Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mr Peter McGhee Foundation 4 years 17/05/2014  01/03/2018 Liverpool Archdiocese No
Rev Fr Michael Thompson Foundation 4 years 30/03/2014  01/03/2018 Liverpool Archdiocese No
Mr Neil Furey Local Authority 4 years 08/11/2015   Nominated by Council, appointed by Governing Body No
Mrs Paula Webb Parent 4 years 12/01/2016   Elected by the Parents No
Mr Patrick Maher Staff 4 years 01/09/2015   Elected by the Staff No
Responsibility Name
Safeguarding/Child Protection Governor Carmel Foster
Disadvantaged Pupils / Children Looked After / Pupil Premium Governor Paula Webb
SEND Governor Sue Bickerstaffe
Health and Safety Governor George Fox
Data Governor Seamus Brady
Link Governor Patrick Maher
Resources Committee Curriculum Committee Pastoral/Ethos Committee Personnel Committee Appraisal & Pay Committee
Remit:  To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding Finance, Property and Health and Safety Remit:  To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding, the school curriculum Remit:  To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body relating to school pastoral matters and the ethos of the school. Remit:  To deal with all matters delegated by the Governing Body regarding Personnel matters in the school Remit:  To make decisions about performance related pay for teachers and the Headteacher
Membership Membership Membership A C Foster(Chair) Membership
K Gresty (Chair) S Brady (Chair) S Bickerstaffe (Chair) K Gresty K Gresty (Chair)
S Bickerstaffe M Charman K Gresty S Bickerstaffe A C Foster
S Brady A C Foster S Brady M Charman G Fox
R Downing G Fox M Charman A Knight S Brady
N Dunbar K Gresty G Fox    
A C Foster P McGhee P Maher    
G Fox J Smart A C Foster    
N Furey P Maher A Knight    
A Knight A Knight      

Ad-hoc Committees:
• Staff Disciplinary
• Pupil Discipline/Exclusion
• Complaints
• Appeals

Terms of reference for all committees are available on request from school.

Name Details of Pecuniary Interest Details of personal interest
Miss Alison Knight Nil Nil
Mrs Kath Gresty Nil Foundation Governor St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Skelmersdale
Mrs Sue Bickerstaffe Nil Nil
Mr Seamus Brady Nil Nil
Mr Michael Charman Nil Nil
Mrs Carmel Foster Nil Nil
Mr George Fox Nil Nil
Mr Peter McGhee Nil Principal St John Rigby College, Wigan
Rev Fr Michael Thompson Nil Nil
Mr Neil Furey Nil Governor at Crow Orchard Primary School, Skelmersdale
Mrs Paula Webb Nil Nil
Mr Patrick Maher Nil Nil
Name of Governor Dates of Full Governing Body Meetings Attended
14/11/2017 06/03/2018
Miss Alison Knight        
Mrs Kath Gresty        
Mrs Sue Bickerstaffe        
Mr Seamus Brady  
Mr Michael Charman        
Mrs Carmel Foster          
Mr George Fox        
Mr Peter McGhee        
Rev Fr Michael Thompson

Mr Neil Furey
Mrs Paula Webb      
Mr Patrick Maher      





Headteacher - Ms. A. Knight
Chair of Governors - Mrs. K. Gresty
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Catholic Engineering College

Glenburn Road

For all enquiries contact Mrs N Barber @
Tel: 01695 725635