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Safeguarding is about keeping all members of our school community safe and this includes staff and students. Staff have a responsibility to keep our students safe and this incorporates 3 main aspects: Prevention, Protection and support. As a school we endeavour to educate our students about how to keep themselves safe and what they need to keep themselves safe from. When a concern about a student arises we ensure that they are supported and protected by offering the support needed, whether this be pastoral support, counselling, support from outside agencies and when needed the involvement of social care. All students were informed at assemblies at the start of term about the importance of safeguarding and what to do if they have a concern

  • The designated senior lead for safeguarding is Mr Dunbar
  • The back-up designated senior leads for safeguarding are Mrs Poskitt, Mrs Hallwood, Mr Turpin and Mrs Downing
  • The Learning Managers are also part of the safeguarding team

Any student or parent/carer can ask for support from our safeguarding team

What to do if you are worried about something serious or you or a friend feel unsafe:

  1. Talk to a member of staff about your concerns. They may not be able to keep it confidential, especially if they think you are in danger
  2. Talk directly to one of our Safeguarding Officers - Mr Dunbar, Mrs Poskitt, Mrs Hallwood, Mr Turpin or Mrs Downing
  3. Tell them in your own words why you need help or why you feel another learner might need help
  4. Together you will discuss the problem and action will be taken to support you

Never, ever stay quiet; if you need help get it. Do not suffer in silence
Out of school you can speak to an adult you trust or contact the Police - dial 999

Download a copy of the Teen Abuse leaflet by clicking the link.


{jb_iconic_info}Child Sexual Exploitation Information


Affordable Warmth Information


Links to additional support:

Alcohol-Drug Abuse Policy.pdf
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Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults in Education.pdf
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Health Safety Policy.pdf
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Online Safety Policy.pdf
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Searching Screening Confiscation Policy Sept 2018.pdf
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Social Networking Sites and Other Forms of Social Media
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Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf
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Talking to your parents or other adults.pdf
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Whistleblowing Policy.pdf
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Whole School Policy for Safeguarding and Child Protection 2019.pdf
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14/11/2019 11:11:54



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