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Our Mission

At Our Lady Queen of Peace we offer the very best standards of education, extra curricular activities and pastoral support. Our Catholic ethos is at the heart of the school and we ensure that inclusion and community responsibility are at the centre of our daily life.

What this means for our parents and students is that they are proud to belong to a school that values everyone and strives for success.


Life @ Our Lady Queen of Peace


Joining a new school can be a daunting experience. At Our Lady Queen of Peace we try to make the process as comfortable and smooth as possible.

We have a close relationship with all the Catholic primary schools in Skelmersdale which enables us to share information easily. Even before pupils start at the school, we know what their needs are and how to address them.

In addition, we have a programme which enables staff from Our Lady's to teach in our local primary schools. This innovative project allows students to meet our staff and in turn enables us to get to know them. By the time they join our school there will be at least one member of staff who is a familiar face.

Starting in Year 5, we host a series of taster days, so that pupils in Skelmersdale can experience a day at Our Lady Queen of Peace. Guided tours are particularly helpful as students can be daunted by the move to a much larger building and this can aleviate any worries. They will also take part in lessons and activities.

Prior to joining the school we also find it useful to provide orientation days for for students in Year 6. These usually take place in the summer term and reinforce our commitment to ensuring that the transition process is painless.

During the taster days we take the opportunity of inviting Year 5 and 6 students to our Summer Schools which are fun, free and friendly. We have found that by the time students finally arrive as pupils, they already feel at home.

Our Summer School programme for this year is on the following dates:

Year 5 14th - 16th August
Year 6 19th - 23rd August



Our modern uniform empowers students to be proud to belong. It provides an identity and a sense of being part of the community. Pupils with uninforms participate more and achieve to a higher level.

The importance of uniform can not be overstated and for this reason, from September 2018 it was provided free to all Year 7 students. From the moment they enter the school, a student will know that they are part of our family.

We feel that an investment made at this stage of their life can enable a student to succees and reach their goals.

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