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Teaching & Learning

"The measure of success for us is the steps that the children we support make." - member of staff

Staff and governors confirm that the number 1 motivating factor for them is the students. They are constantly enthused by students' successes not just in their academic work but also in their all-round education through performances, sports, international links and seeing former students do well. Several have trained with the college and are now employed by it. People see their professional development and opportunities to move their careers forward as motivational.   (Bill Twiss IIP 2014)

Consistently Good or Better Teaching Over Time

The best quality teaching and learning is what we strive for in our school. Our school mantra is consistently oustanding and that is the experience we endeavour to give all of our students. It is expected that staff plan imaginative and engaging lessons which are tailored to meet the needs of different groups of learners in their classes. The school works hard to ensure that the most able are stretched and the least able fully supported so that all students can exceed their potential.

Our philosophy is that good outcomes are directly related to positive relationships between students, parents and staff. This is the formula to success. The school operates a 4 period day, with each period lasting 75 minutes, to ensure that relationships are strong in every classroom.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet individual needs and children begin to build their portfolio of GCSE qualifications in Year 9, where they study their first option subject. In addition, they must also pick either History or Geography to study over three years. Every student has to study a modern langauge because it is part of our school ethos and supports our international dimension. As a Catholic school, RE is also compulsory for all students. In Years 10 and 11, students take additonal subjects of their choice. Some students access college provision and vocational subjects. Others opt for a more traditional route. We try and ensure children have a broad and balanced experience. This is why we have an option in Year 9, to ensure they study something they may not have chosen to study in their normal pathway. Those students who are capable of early entry, who will achieve a very good grade, are encouraged to do so. We offer some AS Levels for the most able and further enhancement subjects, for example GCSE Japanese, for those students who do not want to pursue an AS Level. We are extremely careful about early entry due to the change in rules issued by the DfE. We also wouldn't allow a student to take an AS in a subject they wished to do at college.

All students are expected to work hard and do their very best. Students must completete at least 3 pieces of homework per night and on some evenings 4 pieces. If they do not complete their work, they will receive a detention on the evening that the teacher discovers the work has not been done. Students are also expected to complete their work to a very high standard. This information can be found in our Policies section. Parents must be actively involved in their child's education as this is crucial to encourage and motivate them. Parents can find out how well their child is doing by registering with our HTG online assessment system. This gives up-to-date information about effort, progress and achievement.

Technology is used to enhance and support learning and every child has free internet access at school and an email address. We are currently launching a student remote access facility so that they can access their school files from home. The school website has a great deal of curriculum information and information about the wider school life. You can also use our online payments system at any time.  Within school, students have access to iPads, laptops and hundreds of computers.

Children are encouraged to enagage in meaningful personal study. For this reason, we have a wide range of revision sessions each evening and our Study Support Centre is open from 3pm to 5pm every evening. This area provides access to computers and tailored support and guidance form a wide range of staff. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Please go to our Curriculum Structure section to see what subjects are taught and when.








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